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Sub-City Guide

Post  AlpsPuppy on Wed Sep 22, 2010 8:34 am

Welcome to the Sub-City Guide. Any changes you think need to be made let me know.

Alright for starters to actually build a sub-city you need to get to the position of Senior Prefect. Being a Senior Prefect allows you to build one sub-city. The higher your position the more sub-citys you can build. To build 2 sub-citys you need the position of State Minister, to build 3 sub-citys you need the position of Education Minister. You can build a sub-city on flatlands only. Once you have built your sub-city you can decide to make it a specilization city. A specilization city is basically a city that focuses on one resource only. The following specilization citys are avaliable,

-Speciliazed Timber
-Speciliazed Copper
-Speciliazed Stone
-Speciliazed Food

As an example you have obtained Senior Prefect position and you want to make your first sub-city. To do so follow these steps.

1) Create a main army with your main legend.
2) Create a smaller army with your second legend that you want to run your sub-city
3) Invade a flat land with your main legend
4) Occupy the flat land with you second legend
5) Click Check on the flat land
6) Click Fortify (This allows your secondary legend to build a sub-city on the flat land that you are occupying.)
7) Decide which type of specilization you want your sub-city to be (for your first sub-city I would recommend your lowest resource)
Cool Build every building as you would in your main city (LEAVE THEM LEVEL 1)
9) Raise the level of the following buildings (University level 20, Stable level 20, 3 garrisons, Relay Base level 20, Villiages level 10)
10) Build an army inside your sub-city using your sub-city legend
11) Use your sub-city army to invade and occupy the wild land type that fits your specilization. For example
- Timber Specilization = invade and occupy Forests
12) invade and occupy as many wild lands that fit your specilization as you can
13) Outskirts of your specilization sub-city
Example of Timber Specilization Sub-City
Number of Crop Lands = 8
Number of Quarys = 2
Number of Copper Mines = 3
Number of Timber Mills = 20

Example of Crop Specilization Sub-City
Number of Crop Lands = 20
Number of Quarys = 2
Number of Copper Mines = 3
Number of Timber Mills = 8

Example of Copper Specilization Sub-City
Number of Crop Lands = 8
Number of Quarys = 3
Number of Copper Mines = 16
Number of Timber Mills = 6

Example of Stone Specilization Sub-City
Number of Crop Lands = 8
Number of Quarys = 16
Number of Copper Mines = 3
Number of Timber Mills = 6

14) Focus on raising the level of your specilization resources as well as the ones that are not
15) Resources gained in a sub-city stay in the sub-city but you can send them to other citys you have. To do so use your relay base to send them between citys. (This is why you have the high leveled relay base and stable.)

Congratulations you now have a speciliazed sub-city


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Re: Sub-City Guide

Post  Uccido on Sat Oct 16, 2010 8:10 pm

An alternative would be a fort/bank sub-city.

Consists of 2-3 Quarries for maintenance of wall.
Remainder as Crops.

Forward ALL troops that are not constantly active from your main to sub, along with all resources.

Crops provide upkeep for your army, and your massive army will keep your resources safe (especially if someone spies and doesnt have the man power to walk away with all your resources, they probably wont bother trying to swing)

Have 4-6 Warehouses, 8-10 villages. Watchtower maxed. Usual Required buildings such as legend pavilion, etc. Probably only need 1 Garrison, but could drop a few villages for extra troop production or warehouses and what not.

Probably not ideal as your first sub-city. But great for mindfucking with people who spy alot.


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