Central Steppe Teleport Guide

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Central Steppe Teleport Guide

Post  Xu Kyen on Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:50 am

As some of us do and don't know, the Destruction Crew clan is based out of the Central Steppe. Wonderful place. We are currently dominating this area. We chose this area for the simple reason: It is in the middle of the map. Lots of us, including me, started somewhere far away, like the Snowy Mountains. So, now some of us are eager to get there...

1. If you're new, then you have what's called Vouchers. They are to help newbies get a bonus in getting into the world, and let them have some JCredits. That's what they are, after all, is a form of JCredits. You can use them to buy some things in the Shop.

2. The Shop is located in the bottom-right corner of the gamescreen. It is the large hexagonal icon. Go ahead, click it. In there, go to the aid tab. You're going to Page 2 there.

3.You want to buy a Fated Wind. You are going to click the Buy icon at the bottom of its grids pace.Then, the Voucher button on that screen.

4. Then, you go to the inventory circle on the upper right corner of the gamescreen. You're going to go to the Aid tab in there, too. Now, you can go ahead and click it. Then, two other icons will pop up on it. One will be a green Use button. Click that.

5. Now, on the top of this screen, go ahead and select, you guessed it, Central Steppe. It will be quick and painless. Now your there!

The advantages to coming to us are immense. Neither you or us will have to suffer an 11 hour (possibly exaggerated) trade time. In the event of war, if you are attacked, its a lot easier to get support. Your enemy can be attacked by other clan members. I really do recommend that you do this. However, it is not required by the clan. It is a really a good idea, though.

This is Xu Kyen saying thank you for reading! I hope you do teleport! Long live Destruction Crew!
Xu Kyen
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