New Player Guide.

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New Player Guide.

Post  Admin on Wed Sep 22, 2010 7:01 am

I will give you tips best of my knowledge and other members can post here to and help out with there own guides.

Tasks-Make sure you get all the growth tasks done. A.S.A.P. They will give you nice amount of resources to where you can actually begin to build your city.

After beginning tasks-You need to work on your city resources growth- AKA-Outskirts. Building up a nice foundation for this will be very helpful later on. It also helps build up what you need now. A good ratio for the buildings are-
5 Timber, 4 Cropland, 3 Copper and 2 Quarry. And keep adding and upgrading as you go.

Villages- You should have anywhere between 12-14 villages. This is what produces all your gold and later on in the game Troops takes gold.

Legends-Concentrate on levelling your main legend only to start. You will pick up prisoners who can use to explore and govern. Some of these you will keep, most you will replace. The key to getting ahead in the second phase of the game is the level of your main legend which determines the level of a wildland you can invade.
One level 50 legend is much more desirable than 10 level 20 ones. As the level 50 legend can get level 30 prisoners easy enough.


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