A Guide on Defense

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A Guide on Defense

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:12 am

How to defend against invasions:
=>Go to parade ground
=>click on assign troops
=>assign troops to each of your legends
=>again go to parade ground
=>click on defend
=>your legends name will appear in a list on left side of the open window
=>select your legends
=>set defensive strategy to "ride out" and check the box which says "apply settings to all...".

Passive defence:

Ramparts: The higher the level of ramparts , the more the defense value of your troops goes up.
Sometimes if your ramparts are a very high level they can "deflect" your opponents army without you having to send your troops for defence.

Watch tower: Before invading you your enemy will try to spy on you to gather the information about your troops and resources.
With a high level watch tower your enemy's attempts to spy will fail and he will not come to know how many troops you have. This make it less likely for him to attack.

If you get occupied:
->Don't panic getting occupied is not a big deal.
->Your enemy can't do too much too you, but getting occupied is somewhat humiliating.
->There a few ways to get rid of occupant:
1)Wait a few hours, By now your enemy should have removed his troops from your city, now conduct an uprising and get free.
2)Tell alliance mates to relentlessly attack enemy's capital and you yourself attack his capital.
3)Occupied cities get released after 3 days automatically.

The Vile 1 archer defence:

Your defence should be:

5 Legends all equipped with 1 archer (100 if u can afford 1k very very late game) and army reducing items if possible.
Idea is for every archer You lose the opponent can lose 30 hals and 10% of his troops(army reducing artefact) so 5 archers can do a lot of damage and if the opponent keeps up his attack , for every 100 archers u lose he loses a lot more.

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