Exploring and Searching Wildlands.

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Exploring and Searching Wildlands.

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:16 am

First off Exploring a wildland gives items, searching lives legends (also gives legacy scrolls which unlock tasks, these tasks give legends with 30+ability).


->Level of legend affects exploration.
->Number of troops DOES affect exploration.
->Do 1 hr explores when you are online and 12 hr explores before sleeping.
(Level of legend and troop no. fact has been confirmed today)

I have 3 cities so i conduct 7 explores from each making a total of 21 explores at 1 time.

I assign 500 halberds to each legend, you can start with 50 or even 1 right in the beginning.

Requirements for conducting many explores:

-> A high level parade ground (10+)
-> A high level legend pavilion(12+)


Searching yields legacy scrolls, which unlock tasks under the "legends" section.

These tasks are a little difficult but the reward is worth it.
The reward of the tasks (depending on which scroll you get) varies from a 31 ability legend to a 39 ability legend.

How to start an explore:

This is the best way how to start stop explores:

Go to palace interface and dispatch legends to as many wildlands as you can.

Go to Military situation (located next to reports in the middle of the screen)

After your legends have reached from miliary situation click on "land".

You will see an option called search.
Click on it and ALL the waiting legends will begin exploring.

To search for legends click investigate.

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