Quick Guide to beginning your sub city.

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Quick Guide to beginning your sub city.

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:20 am

Build A sub city as soon as you can.
The requirements are to be at senior prefect position and 100k of each resource.
First You occupy a flatland using a legend other than your main.
Go to your palace, go to wildlands, click on the flatland and click fortify.
If you have built a sub city still keep looking for a sub city better than yours.

If you have a high enough legend and good defences you can take the person's sub and keep it for yourself!

To do this you must first abandon your own sub then capture his.

NOTE: I captures a sub with a level 17 palace and all resource buildings 18-20, older sub was crap compared to this.

Capturing another sub city:
That's right you can take another players sub city and take it for yourself!! it becomes yours its not occupying, you own the city along with all its buildings.!
->No palace requirements for opponents sub city.
->Get loyalty to 0.
->To occupy it you must be above senior prefect and not have your own sub city (if you do and its weaker than opponents sub abandon it).

Sub city section (for advanced players as well):

Okay most people get excited when they get a sub-city and don't plan ahead. Read this and you will be a lot better off for the future.

Types of subcities (made these up myself):
->Note:if u want help from alliance in sub, build ally base there as well.
->Deathfactory: Max out garrisons and housing , have 5+ garrisons in your sub and 1 univ and fill the rest with villages.
->Cornumania: Food! Food! everywhere and more thank we can Think (0f).
Make lots of croplands, only 2 copper, 2 stone, 4-5 wood rest all crop land.
This is because later your army will be gobbling up food like obese people.. so station your army here so your capital's food supply doesn't get owned.
->Normal: Develop your sub city like your capital.. you will need to send many resources initially to your sub city for its development, because remember for your capital, novice tasks were fueling the resources.
Goldmine: Build houses, houses and more houses, dont forget to build a good stable and relay base.
(Houses are villages btw).
-> Deathfactory and cornumania should go hand in hand.
Note:If ur top player, build sub.

Another Note:

A balanced sub is good, make a subcity heavy on wood and low on stone and copper, wood:food should be 5:3, assuming your capital is heavier on food, this i find is best.

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