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Tasks Guides.

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Tasks Section

Ok, here i will give a basic outline about how to unlock certain tasks and the begginers "tongzi token" task.

This is the basic algorithm:

You get all your resource production to a certain amount
e.g. 1600 per hour, remember this is base production

->This unlocks a corresponding "logistics" task which requires you to get each type of the resource building to a certain level
eg. logistics task: get your quarry,cropland,lumber,copper mine to level ten

->Doing the logistics task unlocks a number of tasks
(e.g. Home defence task i.e. get your garrison to level 20, bulwark, phalanx, darkened skies, hammer blow tasks, which involve making a certain quantity of troops to complete these tasks.)

->To unlock more tasks again you have to get your base resource production to a certain amount.

->This again unlocks a higher level logistics task.

->Doing this logistics task unlocks more tasks, and so on.

Tasks to do on first day of play:

->Novice and Growth tasks. Keep chasing those tasks which ask you to get your base resource production to a certain stage.

LEGENDS TASK: Most people miss this.

This is the task which yields snake helm and tong*i token.

Go to legends section, there will be a task which asks you to invade a lvl 0 wildland to collect a magic urn.

I was lucky enough to get it on my first invade but if you dont , dont panic you will in the next 4-5 invades.

Keep doing what this tasks demands (it is very easy) and you end up with a tong*i token.

When you use the tong*i token it yields either a Goldlark (warrior), Skylark (monk), Biqiao Tongzo (seer) all three are 30 ability legends.

To get these legends use the token and check your legend sanctuary.

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