Archers :P

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Archers :P

Post  Admin on Wed Sep 22, 2010 7:05 am

Archers are the best way for anybody to gain rep easy later on. Number one way to invade cities and wild lands too.

When your first starting out dont waste everyone on lower ranked warriors... Get your garrison up to lvl 10. Conscription to 5 and start building Archers.

Archers have first strike. Meaning if you have enough they will kill the enemy without losing 1 troop. This works on every troop type except other Archers. This is why you need to spy to ensure there are no archers in the Wildlands you are going to invade.

So to start off get 200-400 archers and start milking the lvl 0-1 wild lands. As you know the higher you got the more you will need.

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