Taxes and your Governor.. Important.

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Taxes and your Governor.. Important.

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 28, 2010 12:05 pm

->Your governor should have high value of one type of skill (magic/strategy/courage)
->High magic(monk): A governor with high magic boosts resource production and decreases construction time.
->High Strategy(Seer): A governor with high strategy decreases university research time.
->High Courage(warrior): A governor with high courage decreases time taken to recruit troops.

Population and taxes section (Credit to king iix):
There two ways to control taxes:
->50% method: Set your tax to 50% and leave it there.. as simple as that, this way loyalty stays fine.
->100% method: Set your tax to 100%, this will severly drop you loyalty which can eventually lead you to have 0 population. To counter this we use pacify button under palace interface and increase loyalty by 15 every 15 mins.
WARNING: If using second method don't forget to set taxes back to 50% before logging out.

Relation Between Taxes and population:

Simple, Lesser the taxes ,greater your population.
But that doesnt mean set your taxes to 0.
Strike a balance between population and tax%.

If you have lots of excess food use Give birth under pacify option, this is safest way to immediately boost population without risk.
Using sacrifice is cheaper but is risky as it can make you lose 500 population as well.

Some misc. things:

When you make troops your population goes down.
Do not be alarmed wait a while it'll be back up.
This part is from Scoots tax equation:

tax rate x [(100-taxrate x max population) รท 100] x 1.25taxwrit x (1 + .02alchemy) = gold per hour

->Governor tricks:
->Before starting a long research at university switch governor to 1 with high strategy, then switch back to one with magic.
->Do the same when Starting a long recruiting process this time use a governor with high courage.
->At all times a high magic legend should be governor exceptions are mentioned above.
->Each magic point gives 0.5% increase on base production.

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