Legacy Legends-Read last note before the whole thing.

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Legacy Legends-Read last note before the whole thing.

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First i will discuss the basics, then move on to each legend individually.

To get legacy scrolls you have to occupy a wildland above level 2 (2 included) and click "investigate" and select one hour or more depending on how long you plan to play.

Once you get a legacy scroll you have to go to your inventory then under the tasks tab right click and use the legacy scroll.

After that go to tasks->legends and you will have a new task, follow the instructions.

Lets have a general overviev,
Legacy I - warrior, Xiao Dian, 35 ab
Legacy II - seer,Wu Siyu, 37 ab
Legacy III - monk, Kuang Yu, 36 ab
Legacy IV - warrior,Cai Gong , 36 ab
Legacy V - seer,Lan Hu , 37 ab
Legacy VI - monk, Song Lu ,37 ab
Legacy VII - warrior,Guan Bin , 38 ab
Legacy VIII - seer, Long Cheng , 39 ab
Legacy IX - monk, Huang Wu ,37 ab

Legacy I

Name: Xiao Dian
Order: Warrior
Courage: 12
Magic: 26
Strategy: 17
Ability: 35

Task 1: "Silver Secrets"
Acquire 1 Silver Band (invade lvl 3+ wildlands)
Reward: 1 lockbox

Task 2: "Resonance"
Acquire 1 Silver Torc (invade lvl 3+ wildlands)
Reward: Dian token

Famous legend: Xiao Dian, a lvl 1 warrior with 35 ability.

My notes:

Plus Points:
->A good legend to get as it does not require any items to be bought at all
->All the items are obtained in game and can be at a very early stage

Negative points:
-> The drop rate of the silver band and torc seem very very low
-> There are better legacy warriors out there

Legacy II
Name: Wu SiYu
Order: Seer
Courage: 16
Magic: 16
Strategy: 25
Ability: 37

-> Task 1: "Powerful Words"
Acquire 1 azure stone
Reward: 1 fated wind

-> Task 2: "Imprisoned"
Acquire one Embossed Band (invade lvl 5+ wildlands)
Reward: 1 journals

-> Task 3: "A Legend's Plea"
Acquire 1 life potion
Reward: 1 Siyu token

Famous legend: Wu Siyu, a lvl 1 seer with 37 ability.

Ok lets see,

Azure Stone: many ways to get this, easiest and fastest way is using Meteor III ;s , (the task under Daily)
Another way is coffer from trigram, or qian box also gives you this and of course you get it as a drop from lvl 8+ wildlands, from puzzle boxes, lock boxes , enigma boxes.

Embossed Band: Self explanatory,invade level 5+ wildlands and you will eventually get it.

Life Potion: This one is a tad bit tricky, it is a drop from wildlands , also from puzzle and enigma boxes, if you just started on a new server you might want to use 50 of your vouchers (NOT ADVISED) or shell out 50jc if you really want it. Later in game Life potions become relatively common.

Plus Points:
-> A good seer as its base stats are inclined towards strategy
->A good ability, the only seer better than him is long cheng, but cheng cant be obtained early game.


-> Life Potion. nuff said.
-> Yea life potion basically..

Legacy III
Name: Kuang Yu
Order: Monk
Courage: 23
Magic: 18
Strategy: 15
Ability: 36

-> Task 1: "House Arrest"
Acquire 1 Liberation
Reward: 10,000 Gold

-> Task 2: "A Master's Oath"
Acquire 1 Gold Bead
Reward: 10,000 Gold

-> Task 3: "Fealty"
Acquire 1 Wyrm Pearl
Reward: Kuang Token

Famous legend: Kuang Yu, a lvl 1 monk with 36 ability.

Liberation: Do not buy this, it becomes a very common drop as you go on in the game.

Gold Bead: one of the easiest items to get.

Wyrm Pealm: Hard to get , even in late game it is a little hard,best bet in late game is a wildland drop or explore , early game u need a lucky coffer or jewel box from trigram or qian box.

Plus Points:
-> A rare fighter monk with high starting courage. He can be converted to a hybrid monk-warrior with a huge mana pool.

->doubles out as a governor in early game and can be used for fighting late game.


-> Wyrm pearl Hard to get
-> Not good as a pure governor as compared to other monks as its starting magic is low.

Legacy IV

Name: Cai Gong
Order: Warrior
Courage: 15
Magic: 24
Strategy: 17
Ability: 36

-> Task 1: "The Legend Flag"
Acquire 1 legend flag
Reward: 10 horns

-> Task 2: "Potential"
Acquire 1 courage plaque
Reward: 1 diagram

-> Task 3: "Tutelage"
Acquire 1 haste
Reward: Cai token

Famous legend: Cai Gong, a lvl 1 warrior with 36 ability.


Legend Flag: Easy drop from low level wildlands.

Courage Plaque: Many people dont know this but this is very easy to get from the crusades task, the one which required you to invade and occupy an enemy city. Otherwise it is a drop from lvl 8+ wildlands.

Haste: Apart from being a drop from lvl 4+ wildlands, i find the easiest way to get this is donate 3k halberds to the stronghold, get 30 honour and get a haste. Period.

Plus Points:
-> Very easy to get if you plan out and know how.
-> Easily obtainable without jc in early game ( i got mine on white lotus at 80k reputation)

->Initial courage is low as compared to magic, but then again all legacy warriors suffer from this.
->There is Guan Bin waiting to be obtained.
->Not any serious flaws at all.

Legacy V

Name: Lan Hu
Order: Seer
Courage: 23
Magic: 10
Strategy: 24
Ability: 37

> Task 1: "The Hermit"
Acquire 1 courage plaque
Reward: 1 fated wind

> Task 2: "Lost in Chaos"
Acquire 1 skill plaque
Reward: 1 azure stone

> Task 3:
Acquire 1 strategy plaque
Reward: 50,000 wood

> Task 4:
Acquire 5 azure stones
Reward: Hu token

Famous legend: Lan Hu, a lvl 1 seer with 37 ability.

The Plaques: Courage plaque has been explained in Cai gong.. easiest way is crusade task, the only way to get other two is wildland drops, and ofcourse the shop.

5 Azure Stones: A bane for early game, very hard to get very early even with j creds you might not like to invest them here.

Plus Points:
-> Very very easy to get late game
-> Nice starting stats with some courage thrown in too
-> Probably the easiest seer to get.
-> Nice ability (37)


-> Nearly impossible to get early game

Legacy VI

Name: Song Lu
Order: Monk
Courage: 22
Magic: 18
Strategy: 17
Ability: 37

-> Task 1: "The Bailiff"
Acquire 1 divine wind
Reward: 1 azure stone

-> Task 2: "Pageantry"
Acquire 1 Pageant
Reward: 1 azure stone and 1 sky stone

-> Task 3: "Prosperity"
Acquire 1 Chun book
Reward: Lu token

Famous legend: Song Lu, a lvl 1 monk with 37 ability.

Divine Wind: Early game, hope for a lucky lockbox or puzzle box, its a rare wild drop and even rarer from explores.

Pageant: Early game, not easy to get without jc. , but becomes a somewhat more common drop late game.

Chun Book: Only got this once from floor 7 of special paradise, thus eliminating the posibility of getting it early game.

Plus Points:

->Same as Kuang Yu , A fighting monk also a governor


-> Impossible to get early game without j creds, quite possible to get late game without j creds.

Legacy VII
Name: Guan Bin
Order: Warrior
Courage: 20
Magic: 24
Strategy: 14
Ability: 38

-> Task 1: "Morning Dew"
Acquire 1 Dew (invade lvl 3 wildlands)
Reward: 5,000 Gold and 10,000 Copper

-> Task 2: "Body of Stone"
Acquire 50,000 Stone and 1 Quartz (invade lvl 7 wildlands)
Reward: 50,000 Food

-> Task 3: "Undying Flame"
Acquire 15,000 Wood and 1 Omni-fire (invade lvl 7 wildlands)
Reward: Bin Token

Famous legend: Guan Bin, a lvl 1 warrior with 38 ability.

All The items: All obtained in game, slightly harder to get early game,becomes a cake walk late game.

Plus points:

-> The best legacy warrior period.


->Not many, except that you can get very unlucky and not find the items quickly.

Legacy VIII
Name: Long Cheng
Order: Seer
Courage: 23
Magic: 10
Strategy: 26
Ability: 39

Legacy VIII

-> Task 1: "Spirit of Iron"
Acquire an Iron Spirit (invade lvl 2 wildlands)
Reward: enigma box (but gives a puzzle box)

-> Task 2: "Spirit of Gold"
Acquire a Gold Bead and 100,000 stone
Note: They misprinted it, its a gold spirit not a gold bead and it drops from special paradise floor 5 and above.
Reward: enigma box and Gold Spirit
Another misprint , you get a puzzle box.

-> Task 3:
Acquire a Gold Sword and 10,000 gold
Reward: Cheng token

Famous legend: Long Cheng, a lvl 1 seer with 39 ability.

Items: Quite self explanatory, they can;t be bought all obtained in game.


-> In my opinion the best legacy legend, highest ability, nice starting stats.


-> Hard to obtain Gold spirit as it requires doing many special paradises, so hard to get early game.

Legacy IX
Name: Huang Wu
Order: Monk
Courage: 21
Magic: 18
Strategy: 18
Ability: 37

-> Task 1: "Boon of Heaven"
Acquire 5 solutions and 1 god's boon
Reward: Wu token

Famous legend: Huang Wu, a lvl 1 monk with 37 ability.

This legend shouts " Buy Jc for me"

While technically all items are obtainable in game, the drop rate for solutions tends to zero.

The God boon is a daily for Education ministers and above.


-> A famous legacy legend, that is about it.


-> Dont try for this unless you are willing to spend jc, its items are virtually unobtainable without using jc.

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