A Short Guide to Troops

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A Short Guide to Troops

Post  Xu Kyen on Wed Sep 29, 2010 9:25 pm

Ok, so this time I'm hear to talk about the advantages and ways to counter NPC troops...

Lets start the listing off with how certain troops are good.

Halberdiers: Halberd: These soldiers are general soldiers. Lots of them together can attack, or defend decently, but they are THE BEST against Charioteers. You need to use lots of them to attack archers, and if you are going against Swordsmen, then this is your choice as long as you have no Chariots. Approximate 3:1 ratio with Charioteers.

Swordsmen: Sword: Also infantry, these soldiers are usually overlooked. They are very effective against archers. You don't want to fight Charioteers with them, though, because it will be very bad. These soldiers are a good backup in the event that you are invaded, so garrison some. Approximate 5:1 ratio with Charioteers.

Archers: Arrow: Now we're onto ranged soldier. Archers are, in a word, awesome. The best soldiers to produce in any form of mass, you should have more of them than halberdiers. They are very difficult to undermine in mass attacks, but their low life leaves them vulnerable to Swordsmen and Charioteers. Approximate 12:1 ratio with Charioteers.

Charioteers: Chariot: These are some of the best you can bring, but they should always be supported in case enough halberdiers show up to counter them. You generally should never lead an assault against a player that hasn't been spied without these soldiers, or a lot of archers, and a lot of these and archers for a woodland greater than level 6. Approximate 2-1:1 ratio with Charrioteers.

Anyway, now we are on to how to counter soldiers...

Halberdiers: To counter halberdiers, you want halberdiers, swordsmen, or archers. Preferably archers.

Swordsmen: To counter swordsmen, you want halberdiers, swordsmen, or charioteers. Preferably charioteers, but swordsmen are the best backup on that.

Archers: To counter archers, you want swordsmen, halberdiers, or charioteers. Preferably swordsmen

Charioteers: To counter charioteers, you want halberdiers. That is all that you should ever use against them. Others are a last resort.

Well, anyway, getting those Charioteers is definitely worth the time upgrading. Its a good idea to only have one 15 barracks, but everything else should be able to produce archers at the least. You will need the charioteers, so spend the time. Have I stressed that its worth spending time to upgrade charioteers yet? Anyway, good luck crushing the skulls of the enemy, and conquering those wildlands. ~Xu Kyen
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