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Ok.. I did not write this to let you know I am copying and pasting it Razz

Advice for starting out players
---In the beginning make your legend governor as much as possible... especially when you are offline. Later on you will want a specialist governor. but to start it is excellent experience.

---You want to focus on levelling only legends with 29 or 30 ability to start including your main legend. As you reach higher levels you will get higher level prisoners. If you do pick-up other legends for sundry tasks, think of them as disposable and pump the majority of exp you earn into your main legend.

---You can also practice your legends in level 1 paradises that you occupy. Please bear in mind this is not Level 4 or 5 special paradise this only applies to level 1 paradise. It's about the only thing they are good for.

---Ability determines how many skill points your legend gets as they level. Therefore it makes a massive difference at level 50. An ability of 27 or more is easily achievable. However you could even achieve all 29 and 30 ability legends. I suggest you do not waste time on legends below 27 ability.

---In Legend line quests there is a quest that gives Legend with 30 ability. You eventually need to explore a special paradise. You can send a legend there to explore, you do not have to attack like you do with wildlands. You can then recall legend. This legend is important (ability 30) get them as soon as you can. Use this legend as your governor and your namesake to attack or vice versa.

Governor Legends
---Being Governor gives experience to the Legend over time and the stats of your govenor affect your resource output, building time, research time and troop building speed.
------Courage=Troop Building Speed.
------Magic= Resource output and Construction Speed.
------Strategy=Research Speed.

Experience for your legends

---Attacking wildlands gives the best experience for a Legend...this is best done after getting archers

---Governor gives a moderate amount of experience. However, when you build a new subcity, place a Legend in there you want to level the most. Most likely your ability 30 legend from quest (as your main cannot leave capital). New Sub cities earn a large amount of experience for a legend. (This is most likely due to the building activity).

---Exploring is a good source of experience for all your secondary Legends. Especially if they are of moderate level and the wildlands are quite high in level. (More on exploring later)

Specialist Legends

The perfect mix of different specialist legends is still up for debate and experiment. However there is some things we do know.

--Governor Legends should be max magic
----When about to build troops you can reduce troop building time by selecting a courage legend for a short period of time
-----When about to research a new skill in the university you can reduce the research time by switching to a strategy legends for a short period of time while selecting and starting research on the skill
-------other times it pays to leave high magic Governor in place

Archer leading legends and your main attack legend should be max courage


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