Invading and Occupation.

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Invading and Occupation.

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 28, 2010 12:06 pm

How to invade/occupy people:

First thing:
->Invasion gives resources (food/wood/stone/copper).
->Occupying gives gold.
->Try to occupy with as many halberds as you can as they carry back most resources.
->I suggest invading as gold is not even close to being as important as food/wood.

To invade a person simply click on his city an click invade. No are u crazy?? Don't think you will be successful if you try to invade anyone who may be much better than you.Spy on them first.

->only invade people with reputation a lot less than you
->They must also be in no alliance or a weak alliance.
->You must be part of an alliance. (in case that guy tries to own you back your alliance mates can help {refer to how your friends can help you section}).
->Usually people don;t set defenses (more on this later) so when you invade your pillaging army just walks away with tons of resources ( i invaded a guy and got 2 million resources).
->So in case they have defenses send archers followed by halberds, in case none only halberds.

Occupying a guy(only capitals are enslaved, sub city can become yours, refer to new sub city section for latter details):
Requirements for successful occupation:
-> Your palace Level 11
->Opponents palace level 10 or above
->His dissent must be 50(or more).
first of all let me say occupying a person(successfully) is over rated you are better off just invading him thrice everyday(there is a limit).
Okay here's the guide on how to occupy a person.
->spy and check if person has no defenses.
-> if there are defensive troops take em our with archers.
-> if no defensive troops send 5 legends(u can repeat a legend) 1 by 1 (NOT TOGETHER)
->first 3 legends take home lots of gold and first 4 increase dissent to 40 fifth will occupy.
->occupied cities are automatically released.

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