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New Player Guide- New.

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The first seven days you are under new player protection.
DO NOT make a big army.. in fact dont make any army unless a task demands you to.
Edit: Well if you can plan it well you can start rolling archers by day 5 so the reputation comes in quicker.
Only follow the instructions under tasks, completing a task yields resources so you must not deviate from task the first 2-3 days.

Use all Vouchers to buy LABOUR BILLS ONLY. PERIOD. Note: Ok i thought it over, buy 1 labour bill and not the second one until the first one runs out, with the introduction of strongholds labour bills are not impossible to get and vouchers can be saved for the items required for the famous legend cai gong or oak chests.
Economy tips:

=>Concentrate maximum on food as later your army will be consuming lots and lots of it.
=>Second preference goes to wood; you can never have enough wood. Note: In the beginning food to wood should be 1:1 then eventually your capital should have more food than wood.
=>Copper and stone DO NOT require much attention so I suggest that after having 4 slots occupied in the outskirts each for copper and stone you don’t make new slots for them.
=>food: wood resource building ratio should be like 5:3.
=> Later in-game copper and stone can be bought from players easily so don’t worry about them.

Military tips:

=>Initially only build an army to meet tasks requirements i.e. the phalanx and bulwark tasks, but positively do not expend extra on army early on concentrate on upgrading palace/garrison (at least till first 4 days of play).
=>Before you can build an army assign you main legend as governor, He will gain Exp.
=>Recruit only 2-3 legends initially with 27 Ability or greater.
=>Assign max number of swordsmen/halberds to your main legend and invade wildland level 0-2 .
=>After reaching a certain stage in the game you will be able to recruit archers (after getting garrison level 10 and researching conscription to level 5) recruit as many archers as the task "darkened skies" demands and as many as you can after filling up your build list with the resources leftover.

=> After your main legend can carry as many archers as possible spy on level 3 wildlands and invade all those wildlands which do not contain archers.

=> Wildland's level 2 and below never have archers so you can kill those without spying.

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