A Guide to Meteors.

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A Guide to Meteors.

Post  Admin on Wed Sep 22, 2010 7:15 am

To progress in the game you need to promote yourself through aspiration tasks in growth. At first these only require gold and reputation. However to promote to Senior Prefect and beyond you will need to acquire jewellery.

To acquire jewellery you can complete some daily tasks which are basically exchanging Meteors for Jewellery. Therefore gaining Meteors is a way to speed up those promotions.

There are three ways to collect Meteors.

1. Finding them by invading wildlands

2. Completing growth tasks spy, invade, occupy up the wildlands levels

3. Exploring wildlands sometimes yields Meteors as a reward

Utilizing the reverence quest yields a box of bliss which can yield Gold Beads, White Jade, Lucent (Radiant) Jade and Silk Yarn. These are extremely handy as they are the jewellery you need for a few promotions from Senior Prefect and beyond. These are also the jewellery items you can exchange Meteors for. In addition you can exchange Meteors for Azure Stone and Sky Stone which are needed for Justice minister promotion.

Gaining levels fast - tips:
Use reverence daily for box of bliss as soon as you can afford the resources.
Complete growth tasks yielding meteors but do not waste meteors on Gold beads if you no longer need them
Scrounge wildlands for meteors by invading with archers over and over
After scrounging send legends with 1 halberd to occupy and explore for 12 hours at a time. Keep refreshing al exploring utilizing Military Situation. Exploring can yield meteors amongst other things.
Good Luck!

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